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This site will help you to learn and utilize best practices for igniting the creativity & innovative capacity of yourself, your team members, and your employees.

After all, creativity and innovation are THE two most critical capabilities that individuals, groups, and businesses need to learn how to harness if they hope to develop an edge over their competition and  survive and thrive in an increasingly dynamic world.  Learn to lead for innovation, develop your teams into innovative powerhouses, or just take your own creativity to the next level.

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You will gain insight on how to most effectively and rapidly develop  talent - your own and others'.

Let's talk about ways can you leverage learning technologies, self-directed learning strategies, and process-based learning interventions to maximize skills and competencies. Warning: I like to geek out about Quantified Self and leveraging personal technology for learning & development. A lot. :)

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You will learn how to maximize your own and others' performance through the latest findings from positive psychology in the workplace.

New research from the field of positive organizational psychology is coming out day after day about how strengths, flow, mindfulness, meaningfulness, engagement, and psychological capital (to name just a few)  can directly and indirectly boost performance, innovation, and optimal functioning..


Awesome, so now what?

Check out the blog.  If you are interested in increasing your creative performance, leadership skills to enhance workplace creativity, mindfulness, or well-being, get in touch with me about my coaching services.

Or browse around some of the archives of my writing or other services that I provide to help organizations innovate and grow their business.

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