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My name is Jeff Fajans (rhymes with "lions")  and I am a researcher, consultant, and coach whose expertise lies at the intersection of creativity & innovation, talent & organization development, and positive psychology.  I also am currently a Positive Organizational Psychology PhD candidate at Claremont Graduate University and hold a Masters degree in the same concentration from CGU along with a co-concentration in Program Evaluation.

I am also an avid Music Creator and Talent & Org Development Leader in the entertainment marketing industry out in Los Angeles.

I have a passion for:

  • Creating & Innovating - because the status quo is boring, and if you aren't growing or doing things differently you aren't living.
  • Helping others become more Creative or Innovative - so that they can bring their own (and their team's) unique innovations to the world.


I work with people on a one-to-one coaching basis in order to help transform them into true creative badasses & creative leaders.

I typically work with people on a very customized-to-the-person's-needs basis, but I also offer focused coaching programs as well:

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I've been trained by some of the best Creative Geniuses in the world, and have been extremely lucky enough to have the following mentors in my life:

  • Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi -the insanely eminent and internationally renowned author & expert on Flow and Creativity
  • Maritza Salazar - a primary advisor who just won about half a million dollars to study innovation in science teams
  • Jeff Yip - a primary advisor who leads the Talent Science Lab, and an expert in Talent Development
  • Jeanne Nakamura - an authority on "good work" and eminent creators
  • Scott Isaksen - one of the leading creativity & innovation-focused management consultants in the world
  • Becky Reichard - a true expert on leader development


I also work with organizations and groups, providing services such as: human resources strategy & organizational design, program development & evaluation, leader development & coaching, human capital analytics & business intelligence, team development & coaching, process improvement, (positive) psychology-based product/service design, and research & development.

    Always feel free to get in touch with me.


    jeff @ createlearnlive.com

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