Poster & Session at Consulting Psychology MWC Conference - Atlanta

This February 2013, My colleagues and I will be presenting at the Consulting Psychology (APA Division 13) Conference in Atlanta, GA.


Should be fun times! 


Below is what I am involved in.  Hope to see ya there.


90 Minute Session on The Climate for Creativity and Implications for Leadership:

The Climate for Creativity and Innovation: How to Assess it and Implications for Leadership

Many organizational leaders resonate with the phrase “Innovate or Die.” They know that they must attract and retain talented, high- performing personnel, who in turn will hopefully create innovative products and services; however, most leaders fail to take into account just how impactful organizational climate can be on creativity, well-being, and ultimately, innovative performance. In this session, participants will learn why assessing an organization’s climate for creativity and innovation is imperative, and how to coach executives to cultivate it.  

Scott Isaksen, PhD; Jeff Fajans


Poster - Quantified Self and Positive Psychology-based Coaching:

Self-Experimentation & The Quantified Self: New Avenues for Positive Psychology-based Coaching

Self-Experimentation is a promising avenue of research that has not received much attention.  Advances in technology have enabled curious individuals to easily collect, analyze, and interpret quantifiable data on their everyday experiences.  These individuals then use this data to make positive changes in their lifestyles.  Based on data collected It is proposed that a coaching intervention to build self-experimentation capacity may lead to higher levels of optimal decision-making and functioning.
Presented By: Jeffrey Fajans; Sam Spurlin



Super excited to work with my mentor Scott and colleague Sam on these for the conference!