My Favorite TED Talks About Creativity: Elizabeth Gilbert

Success, Failure and the Drive to Keep Creating

You think wild success will finally give you the creative confidence you wish you had? Think again.

Elizabeth Gilbert shares with us how huge success can be just as creativity-crippling as horrible failure.  Fortunately for us, she demonstrates how she overcame this paradox to connect herself back to what really matters in any type of creative work.  It's not the fame. It's not the respect from others. It's definitely not the money.

It's all about putting your talents & interests to work and realizing that creating and innovating is a reward in and of itself.

My favorite parts of the talk:

"I realized that all I had to do was exactly the same thing that I used to have to do all the time when I was an equally disoriented failure. I had to get my ass back to work, and that's what I did, and that's how, in 2010, I was able to publish the dreaded follow-up to "Eat, Pray, Love." And you know what happened with that book? It bombed, and I was fine. Actually, I kind of felt bulletproof, because I knew that I had broken the spell and I had found my way back home to writing for the sheer devotion of it."

"My point is that I'm writing another one now, and I'll write another book after that and another and another and another and many of them will fail, and some of them might succeed, but I will always be safe from the random hurricanes of outcome as long as I never forget where I rightfully live."

"The only trick is that you've got to identify the best, worthiest thing that you love most, and then build your house right on top of it and don't budge from it. And if you should someday, somehow get vaulted out of your home by either great failure or great success, then your job is to fight your way back to that home the only way that it has ever been done, by putting your head down and performing with diligence and devotion and respect and reverence whatever the task is that love is calling forth from you next. "

Fun Fact: I  composed the music for TEDx Claremont Colleges 2013 & 2014. :)

Check out what I did here:

TEDx Claremont Colleges 2014 Soundtrack

TEDx Claremont Colleges 2013 Soundtrack

Especially proud of what I think is a pretty cool resampling of the TED talks video sonic tag into a bluesy guitar-driven jam.