How to Be More Creative: Take Notice

Heighten Your Awareness for Creative Insights and Opportunities

Creative people are extremely good at finding exactly what they need to take the next creative step forward. As they go about their daily business, whether they are reading, watching TV, or just doing the grocery shopping, creative badasses seem to always be prepared to notice potential solutions or opportunities everywhere they look.


Taking notice is all about finding inspiration in your surroundings. It is about finding those missing pieces to the puzzles you are trying to solve in unexpected places.


So what can we do to take notice more effectively?

In my free e-book, How to Become a Creative Badass: A 9-Step Guide to Mastering the Creative Process, I provide 5 techniques for boosting your noticing skills. If you'd like to, enter your e-mail address below to get your free copy and learn these 5 techniques for finding more inspiration from your surroundings and environment (#5 is particularly interesting and novel if you ask me).