How to Be More Creative: Take Notice

Heighten Your Awareness for Creative Insights and Opportunities

Creative people are extremely good at finding exactly what they need to take the next creative step forward. As they go about their daily business, whether they are reading, watching TV, or just doing the grocery shopping, creative badasses seem to always be prepared to notice potential solutions or opportunities everywhere they look.


Taking notice is all about finding inspiration in your surroundings. It is about finding those missing pieces to the puzzles you are trying to solve in unexpected places.


So what can we do to take notice more effectively?

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How to Be More Creative: Move Towards Radical Uncertainty

In a recent talk I heard on the 99U podcast about how Radiolab came into being, co-creator Jad Abumrad shared with the audience that during the first few years of the now popular and award-winning show, he and his fellow co-creators were scared to death on a daily basis.

“For some reason, that I can’t really explain, at the beginning of Radiolab, it always felt like life or death. Even though it was just a radio show. Even though no one was listening. And I am not quite sure why... but it may have to do with that radical uncertainty you feel when you are trying to work without a template.
   -Jad Abumrad, co-creator of Radiolab, and MacArthur Fellow


Creatin' ain't easy

The words “fun,” happiness,” or “joy” did not come out of the Radiolab creators' mouths when asked to describe how they felt when starting the show.

The words that most quickly came to mind to describe the beginning stages of their creative work were “gut churn.

Instead of being paralyzed by this gut churn, they embraced it.  They used it as an indicator that they were about to do something new and innovative, and that they just needed to keep going.

Are you doing anything in your life where you are working without a template?

If not, then it might be time for you to take on something radically uncertain—something you are curious about or that you have always wanted to do but haven’t gotten around to yet.

It is often in these radically uncertain episodes that we find the freedom and opportunity to truly create something unique and meaningful for ourselves and others.

Need Help Getting Started and Moving Past Your Comfort Zone?

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