Cultivating Emotional Balance - How to Train the Mind and Emotions for Better Relationships, Less Stress, Increased Focus, and Higher Creativity

What is emotional balance?  

"Responding with awareness in the present moment, mindful of others' emotions as well as one's own internal emotional experience, emotional triggers and habitual patterns as they arise, facilitating development of skillful choices in all actions."

At the insistence of the Dalai Lama at the Mind and Life meetings in 2000, the CEB (which is now evidence-based) educational program was developed by Dr. Paul Ekman, a world leader in the science of emotion, and Dr. Alan Wallace, an eminent Buddhist scholar, former monk, and contemplative. The broad aim of CEB is to introduce people to the well-being and fulfillment that can arise from grounded emotion regulation and mind training skills. The program integrates psychological and Buddhist theories and practices for achieving exceptional mental balance; its key features include the cultivation of meaningful ideals and aspirations, the building of attention skills and mindfulness, and the development of emotional resonance, resilience, and control.

In the summer of 2011, I spent 5 intensive weeks in Phuket, Thailand becoming certified to teach the CEB course to individuals and groups.  I can honestly say that experiencing CEB transformed my life.  It has given me power to mitigate and control my stress levels, increased my ability to concentrate and be productive for longer periods of time, and it has helped me to more clearly and objectively generate and evaluate new ideas towards personal and organizational innovation. Oh and when I am applying these principles and practices to my daily life, I also fight with my girlfriend less ;). And just feel more prosocial and compassionate in general towards those around me.

It is my wish to share with others the powerful transformational learning that takes place when one applies these practices in their daily lives.   

I offer individualized coaching, 1-3 day workshops, as well as a more intensive 42 hour group training program delivered over 4 weeks.

If you are interested in individual mindfulness coaching, or interested in having a group CEB workshop at your organization, please get in touch with me:

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