Leading for Innovation - Startup Leader & Entrepreneur Coaching

The startup leader or entrepreneur is often faced with a dizzying array of responsibilities - meet with potential investors, develop the business strategy, hire and interview new team members, fire ineffective team members, design the product/service, create a marketing and public relations campaign. 

It is no wonder that many startup executives and entrepreneurs are not as effective as they can be as leaders of their companies. 

In my opinion (and also supported by scientific leadership research), great leaders are made, not born. Being an effective leader must  be learned and practiced. Intelligence, charisma, and attitude (although desirable characteristics) do not make one effective as an executive.  Effectiveness can only be developed through the implementation of certain practices and habits, and I am here to help you develop these.

Before one can hope to effectively manage and lead others, one must first effectively manage oneself.

My startup leader and entrepreneur coaching is grounded in the Peter Drucker philosophy of what it takes to truly be effective.  Essentially there are five practices that need to be acquired and utilized to be an effective leader of innovation:

  1. One must know where their time goes and how it is spent so that they can systematically manage what little can be brought under their control.
  2. One must focus on outward contribution and gear their efforts objectively towards results.
  3. One must build on strengths (their own, their colleagues, and their subordinates). One must not build on weakness or things that one cannot do.
  4. One must concentrate on the few major areas where superior performance will produce outstanding results.
  5. One must make effective decisions.

Leading for Innovation: Cultivating the Creative Work Environment and Motivating Others to Innovate

As we work towards building a strong foundation of executive effectiveness, we also will work collaboratively to develop the specific leadership skills and behaviors that you can implement immediately in your organization to help you cultivate a creative work environment characterized by positive risk-taking, psychological safety, healthy debate, reflexive learning, inspiration, and fun.  Recent studies have shown that the quality of the work environment accounts for up to a third of financial performance.  The difference between stagnating work environments and innovative work environments can be directly linked to specific leadership actions - the very leadership actions that are the focus of this coaching program.  

Under the mentorship of my professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (world renowned for his work on Flow and also one of the most influential creativity researchers known to mankind) as well as Dr. Scott Isaksen (an internationally respected innovation consultant and leading expert on organizational creativity) I have been developing systems for helping entrepreneurial minded people enhance their own creative capacities and develop actionable leadership behaviors that will positively influence the creative capacities of those they manage and lead.

Leading for Innovation Coaching Program Packages

All of the Leading for Innovation packages involve developing the aforementioned skills - the main difference between packages is the frequency and intensity.  Higher frequency and intensity typically means faster growth.

All packages involve a monthly commitment.  I offer a 6% discount for a two month commitment, and a 12% discount for a 3 month commitment.

Level 1: The Developing Entrepreneur - $400 a month 

This package is for the new and developing entrepreneur who wants to hit the ground running, establish a strong leadership foundation, and create a powerful working framework for building a successful entrepreneurial venture that oozes innovation.  Here's what you receive:

  • Three 1-hour coaching sessions (your choice of in-person, over Skype, or via phone).
  • Free personal assessment using the Developmental Resources Inventory, and free report and debriefing session (approx. 30 minutes) of your Developmental Profile. 
  • Free periodic emails between sessions.
  • Free mindfulness training to help you reduce stress, increase focus, and feel more balanced.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed (If you are not happy with your growth, I will give you a full refund, no questions asked).

Level 2: The Startup Executive - $600 a month

This package is for the the startup leader or entrepreneur who is looking to develop themselves and their organizations more rapidly. Here's what you will receive:

  • Four 1-hour coaching sessions (your choice of in-person, over Skype, or via phone).
  • **Free Quantified Coaching Implementation & Training, which teaches you how to design and implement your own systems using personal technology for intensive professional development.
  • Free personal assessment using the Developmental Resources Inventoryand free report and debriefing session (approx. 30 minutes) of your Developmental Profile. 
  • Free unlimited emails between sessions.
  • Free mindfulness training to help you reduce stress, increase focus, and feel more balanced.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed (If you are not happy with your growth, I will give you a full refund, no questions asked).

Get in Touch with me to Learn More About My Leading for Innovation Coaching Program

Essentially, I work with startup leaders and entrepreneurs to help them understand their strengths and areas in need of development, providing ongoing support and coaching along the way as they develop specific leadership skills that help foster a creative work environment and maximize their organization's innovative potential:

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My Coaching Process

1. Explore & Assess

What are your strengths? What are you values? What is your learning style? In what contexts do you thrive? What is keeping you up at night? What are you excited about?

What contribution do you want to make to world?

The first step involves getting to know you and what exactly it is you want to work on.  We'll arrange an in-person meetup or Skype/Hangout call to chat and explore some potential opportunities.  I have my clients take the Developmental Resources Inventory, an online assessment that I created in order to help me better understand your strengths, attitudes, personality, goals, interests, challenges, and working style. 

2. Goal Setting & Action Planning

After spending some time exploring opportunities to take your creativity, effectiveness, and well-being to new levels, we then delve into collaborative goal setting action planning.  This process is driven by YOU, but I will help facilitate this process by sharing with you creative problem solving strategies.

What is the number one thing you want to change, to achieve, to develop, to eliminate?

I am here to help you refine and make your goals challenging yet achievable; to help you imagine a new way of living and the new behaviors and habits associated with it.

3. Measure & Track Progress

This is where things get really fun! Without some form of progress tracking or measurement, how do you even know that you are really improving? Depending on your goals, we set up an easy yet effective system to track the specific behaviors, mood states, and thought processes that are related to helping you make a positive change.  This could be as simple as implementing a daily journal of ideas and thoughts, or it might be a more comprehensive, yet easily actionable system.

One of my lines of academic research and expertise lies in a practice that I call "Quantified Coaching" - using personal technology as a facilitator of personal and professional development, as well as a powerful tool for measuring progress.

Did you know that your very own smartphone can be used as a developmental tool? Measuring and tracking profess objectively (a la the Quantified Self) is a great way to build self-awareness, self-knowledge, and identify opportunities for growth.  When you sign up for my Level 2 Packages, we also put to use my research-based quantified coaching strategies to further speed up your development.

4. Review & Adjust

Ok, so this is the part that is actually the most fun.  We set up meetings (in-person or via Skype/Hangout) to review your progress, reflect on what is working or not working, and adjust our plan of attack accordingly.  Becoming a a true creative badass and making changes that stick is a long-term, iterative process.  I guarantee you that we will learn and grow from one another, and you WILL achieve your goals and become one hell of a creative, balance, effective, and happy badass.

Guaranteed Results

Hiring a coach can be a risky thing.  It takes guts to reach out to someone and share your thoughts, feelings,  and goals that you want to achieve.  If you work with me and feel as if I didn't help you or if it wasn't worth your money, I will give you a full refund.

I guarantee you that you will be satisfied with the coaching process and your progress, or your money back.