Is Your Company Trying to Make the World a Better Place?

If so, I would absolutely love to work with you!  I consult with companies to help them design their products and services to have maximum positive impact.

Creativity, Mindfulness, Flow, Engagement, Happiness, Meaningfulness, Positive Relationships - You Name It

As one of the only PhD students in Positive Organizational Psychology in the world, I work closely with you to apply the best practices and cutting-edge scientific findings from positive psychology to whatever it is you are creating.

Examples of Past Psychology-Based Consulting Work 

  • Subject Matter Expertise, Assessment Creation, and Program Design & Evaluation for Mobile Wellness Program Startup
  • Program Evaluation for Web-based Coworker Appreciation & Gratitude Program 
  • Subject Matter Expertise and Program Design & Evaluation for Web-based Personal Development Startup
  • Subject Matter Expertise and Assessment Creation for Coworking Community Curation Startup

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