Quantified Coaching - Supplementing the Coaching Process

One of my lines of academic research and expertise lies in a practice that I call "Quantified Coaching" - using personal technology as a facilitator of personal and professional development, as well as a powerful tool for measuring progress.

Did you know that your very own smartphone can be used as a developmental tool? Measuring and tracking profess objectively (a la the Quantified Self) is a great way to build self-awareness, self-knowledge, and identify opportunities for growth.  When you sign up for my Level 2 Coaching Packages (Personal or Business Coaching), we also put to use my research-based quantified coaching strategies to further speed up your development.

By having you generate data in real-time (or as close to real-time as possible) some of the shortcomings of traditional surveys and self-report questionnaires can be overcome. In the case of an experience sampling method-based approach, the interval between experience and data collection is significantly shrunk (ideally, to mere seconds). This helps eliminate some of the issues caused by the shortcomings of human memory. Experience sampling method and other self-experimentation methods give the coach data about the client that was collected "in the moment" -- as if the coach was able to continuously measure the client throughout the day.

Getting Better Results

ESM data gives the us data about how you think and acts in the moment, as opposed to well after an event happens. Many coaching interventions focused on improved decision making, better emotional regulation, and leadership hinge on the decisions that are made in-the-moment. Analyzing this data helps us get a better sense of your mental processes in various interactions, situations, and environments throughout the day.

Highly tailored and specific interventions and exercises can therefore be developed to best fit your unique needs.