Studio Guitar Secrets - Making Guitar Your Career

Professional guitarist Audio Interview Series


Brought to you by in 2008 (which unfortunately got severely hacked, yet a bare bones version still exists here), I am re-releasing this audio interview series for anyone who plays guitar and is interested in making it their career. 

Back then I sold this product for $20-39, but since a few years have passed, and because I just want to make this more accessible to anyone who is interested in learning from the pros how to actually make money playing music and guitar.

For the first 1,000 guitar players who are interested in getting this, I am offering  $12 off, for a total of $8 when you use the offer code "creative" when getting the audio interview series (don't type in the "" marks).

Why Did I Put Together This Series?

I have always been amazed by the fact that there are so many outstanding guitar players and musicians, yet it seems that some of the best players I have seen are not receiving the type of success they deserve.

Even more amazing is the fact that so many people give up on their dreams and turn to lives that are unfulfilling, always wondering “what if?”

I noticed that although there is an extreme abundance of guitar lesson information out there, and millions and millions of ways to actually get better at the playing aspect of guitar, there really isn’t anything out there, besides a few music education schools, teaching players how to succeed in the music environment and make guitar playing their career.

The purpose of this audio series is to help all aspiring professional guitar players make their dream a reality.

By learning what it actually takes, and what important skills to master from professionals who are already doing what they love, you can build your own foundation for success.

When you purchase this bundle, you get six 60-90+ minute interviews with professional studio & touring guitarists from around the country and Will learn:

  • What it Takes to Make Guitar Your Career
  • Exactly What These Professionals Did to Become Successful
  • What's More important? - Skill or Attitude?
  • What Techniques and Guitar Skills Really Are Required to Make It
  • What Gear You Need to Have
  • How to Get Your Music Licensed in Sound Libraries
  • How to Get into Jingle Writing
  • How to Get Call-Backs and Referrals
  • Grow Your Music Relationship Network
  • The #1 Way to Get Started as a Studio Musician that 90% of Guitar Players Don't Know About (Or At Least Don't Do)
  • The #1 Playing Skill that Producers Look for When Hiring Guitar Talent

Here Are Some Clips From the Interviews:

As a bonus, you also will get:

  • How to Become a Creative Badass: A 9-Step Guide to Mastering the Creative Process

Which you can use to take your guitar playing to a whole new innovative level!

I am limiting this offer to the first 1,000  guitar players (after that the price will go back up From $8 to $20), so you should definitely get it now. 


But you are free to do whatever you like. I am confident, however, that it can help earn you at least some extra income from playing guitar, as well as create some new opportunities for collaborating and recording some funky fresh gee-tar. 

It helped me connect with some great producers and sessions back in Dallas (I am in Los Angeles now, so I will be freshly implementing the tips and advice from these interviews to get some guitar work going in addition to my PhD research activities studying learning, creativity, and innovation)

Hope you get some value from it!