Unlocking Integrative Capacity & Group Creativity - Team Coaching

Creative ideas and innovative solutions are best generated from the combination and integration of diverse perspectives, abilities, and experiences.  And putting a bunch of smart, talented, and 'creative' people together on a team is a sure-fire way to get innovative results, right?

Sadly, many teams composed of "creatives" never become creative teams and fail to realize their true innovative potential.

Fortunately, team training and coaching have been scientifically shown to improve teamwork processes that lead to higher levels of team effectiveness and team creativity. With the proper coaching and development, a team might even reach a state known as "integrative capacity" - a state of outstanding effectiveness and innovative potential coined by my advisor Dr. Maritza Salazar. 

Team Coaching and Development

Once the proper foundation is set and the team is strategically designed to most appropriately take on the task at hand, team coaching and development initiatives can be utilized to truly help your team function with outstanding levels of integrative capacity and creativity.

I recommend four different types of team coaching initiatives, all geared towards optimizing team performance and functioning in distinct ways:

  • Team Launch Coaching-  Involving a newly formed team, I provide team coaching to help members get oriented to one another and the task at hand.  This involves starting to differentiate roles and formulate team norms about how members will work together. Furthermore, this Team Launch Coaching helps facilitate the formation of transactive memory - in other words, group members begin understand the unique skills and expertise of other members so that this knowledge can be drawn upon appropriately in future tasks.  Research has shown that team coaching initiatives that help teams have a successful launch can significantly foster shared team vision, mission, and goals, as well as enhance member commitment and motivation.
  • Team Strategy Coaching-  Once team members have been working together for some time, strategy-oriented coaching can be most effectively applied to enhance team performance.  Team strategy coaching is implemented to help the team optimize its work processes so that they are more aligned with task requirements and performance goals. This initiative involves the coaches working closely with the team over a a period of time to analyze, evaluate, and adapt individual and team processes so that they are more effectual towards achieving team goals. This initiative is most appropriate around the midpoint of a team project.
  • Team Reflection Coaching- This coaching initiative is especially effective after the team has successfully or unsuccessfully completed a task or project.  Often times, teams unfortunately do not take the time to capitalize on reflexive learning opportunities.  Research shows that teams that deliberately reflect
  • Team Conflict Resolution and Communication Coaching- When working on important projects, team members inevitably will experience some form of conflict with one another. Certain types of conflict can actually help foster creativity and innovation.  Other types of conflict can lead to a complete breakdown of your team.  Regardless of the type of conflict your team may be dealing with, one thing is for certain -  if conflict and communication are mismanaged, your team will not be operating with maximum efficiency.  Luckily, we are experts in interpersonal processes and managing conflict constructively.  Team Conflict Resolution and Communication coaching initiatives can help transform the way team members work with one another so that everybody benefits.


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