Higher Performing Employees, Higher Performing Organization

Looking for short- or long-term initiatives to help your employees learn new competencies, skills, and abilities to improve individual, group, and organizational performance?

Using my knowledge and expertise in adult learning theory, program design and evaluation, and learning and development, I can work with you to design learning initiatives that your employees will not only love, but learn from as well.

I have helped develop workshops and training initiatives on the following topics:

  • Cultivating Emotional Balance - Mindfulness and Stress Reduction - 3-day Workshop
  • Igniting Team Creativity Through Group Song-Creating: Idea Generation and Development - Half-Day Workshop
  • Developing Coaching Skills for Managers - 1-day Workshop
  • Creative Problem Solving Tools Workshop - 1-2 day Workshop
  • Building and Managing Your Team for Results - 2 hour Workshop


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